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The Arctic Svalbard and Jan Mayen

The Svalbard and Jan Mayen islands are sub national divisions of Norway. They are found in the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans respectively. These are integrated parts of Norway administered under the County governor of Nordland. The islands are accessed by boat and there are charter planes in the area. Commercial planes cannot get there, but there are quite a number of visitors to the islands. Jan Mayen has fishing resources and it has crucial mineral deposits.

Can you find places for Vacations in these Places?

Though they appear small, these islands are rich nature reserves; they are home to some of the world’s unique animal species. With over 260 species of carnivorous animals including the arctic fox and the ringed seal, it is a place for nature lovers. You will find different kinds of dog species and bears too. It has preservations for its marine life. If you don’t travel in the comfort of a car hire, you can access the islands via boat, or charter planes. The development of arctic tourism has improved transport in these islands. You can find car rental vans from Norway if you are travelling in a group.


Its name means cold coast as was named by the Vikings in medieval history. The islands stand between Norway and the North Pole. It is a free economic zone with no affiliations to the EU. Originally used as a whaling zone, it has coal mining and tourist activities. Instead of roads it has snowmobiles and aircrafts connecting the regions. Boats are also used as a means of transport. It has amazing sea birds, reindeer and marine life. With an amazing 7 National Parks, it is a unique tourist destination for you.

Jan Mayen

Can you imagine a mountainous region within the Arctic polar climate? This is a volcanic island bordering the Norwegian Sea and the Greenland Sea. The Beerenberg volcano is the highest peak in the North. Jan Mayen inhabitants are mainly the military and meteorological staff in the outpost. At 55km long, it is covered in glaciers with a great part of its surface linked by a 2.5km wide isthmus. The settlement called Olonkin city holds up to 35 people at a night. This is often during summer. In winter, there are less people of up to 18 most of who are support staffs at the meteorological station. It also has glaciers and fjords.

Why tour the Svalbard and Jan Mayen?

Arctic tourism is popular in the Scandinavians. Visitors from other regions of the world find this an exciting and unique experience. Nature lovers will find these places unique in their own way. It has some endangered and vulnerable aquatic mammals. These include; whales, dolphins, porpoises. There are different discoveries on the islands including unverified discoveries. This is a secure tour destination for a day’s visit. People find time for a memorable encounter with the Iceland and isthmus experience.

Explorers will love the sight of these islands covered in snow. These islands have regulations for limited stay and you have to make early reservations for your visit. Camps are not allowed, but you can make early bookings of cheap car hire for early returns to Norway. Visiting such a place will give you a background on the ice ages and the arctic and the best way to explore the region is using car hire for convenience purposes.

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